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At LITA Training, we know how important it is to have a safe and efficient workplace. That's why we offer a variety of testing, training and procedural options to help your company aligning to best industry standards. 

Guidelines for developing and implementing a fatigue management policy in forestry

The purpose of this guidance material is to assist Forestry industry participants to identify assess and manage the risks associated with Fatigue. This document provides a structured approach to the development of a Fatigue Risk management system including a fatigue policy, risk assessment tools and risk-based control options to manage fatigue. A series of case studies are used to illustrate how Fatigue Risk Management methods explained in this document may be applied in a Forestry context. The examples are generic in nature and not intended as a template for businesses to adopt.

LITA recently obtained approval from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to deliver two fatigue risk management units. The two one-day units will further equip you in developing and implementing your own fatigue management policy. 


TLIF0005 – “Apply a fatigue risk management system”


Designed for drivers, operators, product loaders, covering the following:


  • Identifying and managing fatigue risks

  • Operating within a fatigue management system

  • Planning and navigating trips

  • Complying with work-rest hours

  • Updating and maintaining records​


TLIF0006 – “Administer a fatigue risk management system”


Designed for managers, schedulers, directors, supervisors, leading hands covering the following:


  • Manage heavy vehicle driver fatigue strategies

  • Operate within a road transport fatigue risk management system

  • Scheduling work and rest hours in compliance with road transport fatigue risk management system

  • Planning and navigating heavy vehicle trips

  • Updating and maintaining records

Drug & Alcohol Testing​
LITA can conduct Drug and Alcohol Testing for organisations. We have a team of staff able to test work groups randomly or targeted according to an employer’s safety policy and procedures. Call us today to discuss your specific requirements.
Exhaust Temperature Testing
At LITATraining, we can conduct Exhaust Temperature and Safety Checks on machinery and other motorised equipment.   This is a preventative action against forest fires and ensuring that equipment is compliant with current regulations.
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